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You're probably wondering about the AMAZING person who created this? Probably not. You were probably just bored out of your mind and have nothing better to do then click on random link in hopes of being amused and just happened to end up here. Heck! I bet you're not even reading this! (jk jk) <3

As you can see here the great Rubi is working hard on overcoming her fat just to work on these pages! Yes. I am a goat cat. Yes, I am pink (no really I am!). And yes I do love you all (well some of you *coughhint*) Little about me?

High school student gone freelance bad comic artist. Yes. I have a boring life, go to a nerdy public school and lack a social life because the internet and me are soulmates. PM me. I'm sure we can be fwends too ^^ <3. Read the comic, love it, hate it, flame it, fan art it? Please? Much love to all my reader -Rubi

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